The logo of the Hungarian presidency is based on the symbol of the Council of Europe, completed with the Hungarian national colours, creating a modern effect.

The tenth joint work of the Association of Hungarian Tapestry Artists is entitled European Universum. The tapestry is being commissioned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade on the occasion of Hungary's 2021 Presidency of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg. The latin origin title of the tapestry means universe, universality. The title expresses the thematic complexity of the woven work of art, referring to the universe as a whole; to the completeness of the physical world, to all existing entities, space, and time, in which every human being is a separate universe. The choice of title also expresses the universality of our displayed world by night satellite image in the centre of the tapestry. In a figurative sense, it also carries the wide horizon idea of art and creation. Its main compositional element is the symbolic world of the painted wooden cassettes of the Reformed church ceilings in Hungary from the 18th century.

The tapestry was specially commissioned for Hungary's presidency in 2021.The work of 21 weavers, men and women, will measure 2.24 x 3.10 m and will be made of wool, silk and metallic thread. The tapestry will be used as a decorative element for several Presidency gifts.