1. Promoting the effective protection of national minorities;

Due to our History, we have learned that protection and promotion of national minorities’ rights are an essential tool essential to ensuring peace, stability and prosperity in our continent, especially in the region of the Carpathian Basin. Therefore, we intend to use our Chairmanship to draw the attention of the international community on the importance of national minorities’ rights. Four main events will take place under the aegis of this priority: our aim is to adopt a joint declaration at our closing conference in October by identifying the role and responsibility of the Council of Europe and other international organizations in preserving national identity - focusing in particular on suggestions and ideas for future action.

  1. Future generation: youth policy, children's rights, mental health of children and young people, protection of family values, social inclusion and situation of the Roma;

The Hungarian Government intends to protect and propagate the traditional concept of family by supporting it through different governmental measures, thus “family protection plan”. Therefore we decided to dedicate our second priority to youth policy, including children’ rights, mental health of children and family values. Young people's digital competences would also be included in this topic: we are convinced that the citizen of the 21st century needs to be digitally competent. We would also draw the attention of the international community on the social integration of disadvantaged children, including Roma youth.

  1. Interfaith dialogue;

The religious dimension of our Chairmanship aims to strengthen intercultural dialogue based on mutual respect and tolerance. The topic has been out of the agenda since 2017 for financial reasons, therefore our aim is to get it back on track. We intend to present the principles of the Hungarian humanitarian aid in this field, in particular focusing on the protection of persecuted Christians.

  1. Future challenges: cybercrime, artificial intelligence;

Hungary has always paid special attention to challenges related to digitalization of justice, cybercrime and the safe exploitation of artificial intelligence. Under our Chairmanship, we would like to find concrete solutions to actual problems in cooperation with the other CoE Member States by establishing a set of regulation in accordance with European standards.

  1. Environment: protection of the European landscape, protection of habitats, fundamental right to a healthy environment, sustainable development.

The Hungarian Presidency will promote the implementation of the Council of Europe's European Landscape Convention, which focuses on our landscape, people and human well-being. Landscape, which significantly determines our quality of life, must be raised as an important object of national policies. Landscapes reflect human interventions and decisions. Another important goal of the Hungarian presidency is to promote individual and social responsibility and social participation. International cooperation and mutual assistance to ensure the fundamental right to a healthy environment is also an important part of our efforts.